I’m Nicky Pratt

Living in North Vancouver for over 25 years cultivates respect, wonder and a deep connection with nature and the breathtaking landscape surrounding us.  My goal is to share beautiful scenery from my perspective with vivid hues and tranquil settings.  These frozen moments in time are my happy places and I hope they bring you joy and appreciation for the wonders of nature.


I grew up in the UK in the countryside and at an early age would love to draw the surrounding scenery.  This blossomed in high school where I found my passion with oil painting.  Fast forward 40 years and just prior to Covid, I enrolled in an art class.  I have been enjoying painting ever since and learning so much along the way.  A relative newcomer to the art world, I never travel without my camera  now to catch that one glorious scene I can paint.  I enjoy seeing the world in a whole new light when I contemplate the thrill of a new painting.